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WordPress Post Administration API.

Funktion Kurzbeschreibung
add_metaAdds post meta data defined in the `$_POST` superglobal for a post with given ID.
bulk_edit_postsProcesses the post data for the bulk editing of posts.
delete_metaDeletes post meta data by meta ID.
edit_postUpdates an existing post with values provided in `$_POST`.
get_available_post_statusesReturns all the possible statuses for a post type.
get_block_editor_server_block_settingsPrepares server-registered blocks for the block editor.
get_default_post_to_editReturns default post information to use when populating the "Write Post" form.
get_meta_keysReturns a list of previously defined keys.
get_post_meta_by_idReturns post meta data by meta ID.
get_sample_permalinkReturns a sample permalink based on the post name.
get_sample_permalink_htmlReturns the HTML of the sample permalink slug editor.
has_metaReturns meta data for the given post ID.
postbox_classesReturns the list of classes to be used by a meta box.
post_existsDetermines if a post exists based on title, content, date and type.
post_previewSaves a draft or manually autosaves for the purpose of showing a post preview.
redirect_postRedirects to previous page.
taxonomy_meta_box_sanitize_cb_checkboxesSanitizes POST values from a checkbox taxonomy metabox.
taxonomy_meta_box_sanitize_cb_inputSanitizes POST values from an input taxonomy metabox.
the_block_editor_meta_boxesRenders the meta boxes forms.
the_block_editor_meta_box_post_form_hidden_fieldsRenders the hidden form required for the meta boxes form.
update_metaUpdates post meta data by meta ID.
wp_autosaveSaves a post submitted with XHR.
wp_autosave_post_revisioned_meta_fieldsAutosave the revisioned meta fields.
wp_check_post_lockDetermines whether the post is currently being edited by another user.
wp_create_post_autosaveCreates autosave data for the specified post from `$_POST` data.
wp_edit_attachments_queryExecutes a query for attachments. An array of WP_Query arguments can be passed in, which will override the arguments set by this function.
wp_edit_attachments_query_varsReturns the query variables for the current attachments request.
wp_edit_posts_queryRuns the query to fetch the posts for listing on the edit posts page.
wp_set_post_lockMarks the post as currently being edited by the current user.
wp_write_postCreates a new post from the "Write Post" form using `$_POST` information.
write_postCalls wp_write_post() and handles the errors.
_admin_notice_post_lockedOutputs the HTML for the notice to say that someone else is editing or has taken over editing of this post.
_disable_block_editor_for_navigation_post_typeDisables block editor for wp_navigation type posts so they can be managed via the UI.
_disable_content_editor_for_navigation_post_typeThis callback disables the content editor for wp_navigation type posts.
_enable_content_editor_for_navigation_post_typeThis callback enables content editor for wp_navigation type posts.
_fix_attachment_linksReplaces hrefs of attachment anchors with up-to-date permalinks.
_wp_get_allowed_postdataReturns only allowed post data fields.
_wp_post_thumbnail_htmlReturns HTML for the post thumbnail meta box.
_wp_translate_postdataRenames `$_POST` data from form names to DB post columns.