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WordPress Administration Update API

Funktion Kurzbeschreibung
core_update_footerReturns core update footer message.
dismiss_core_updateDismisses core update.
find_core_auto_updateGets the best available (and enabled) Auto-Update for WordPress core.
find_core_updateFinds the available update for WordPress core.
get_core_checksumsGets and caches the checksums for the given version of WordPress.
get_core_updatesGets available core updates.
get_plugin_updatesRetrieves plugins with updates available.
get_preferred_from_update_coreSelects the first update version from the update_core option.
get_theme_updatesRetrieves themes with updates available.
maintenance_nagDisplays maintenance nag HTML message.
undismiss_core_updateUndismisses core update.
update_nagReturns core update notification message.
update_right_now_messageDisplays WordPress version and active theme in the 'At a Glance' dashboard widget.
wp_get_auto_update_messageDetermines the appropriate auto-update message to be displayed.
wp_is_auto_update_enabled_for_typeChecks whether auto-updates are enabled.
wp_is_auto_update_forced_for_itemChecks whether auto-updates are forced for an item.
wp_plugin_update_rowDisplays update information for a plugin.
wp_plugin_update_rowsAdds a callback to display update information for plugins with updates available.
wp_print_admin_notice_templatesPrints the JavaScript templates for update admin notices.
wp_print_update_row_templatesPrints the JavaScript templates for update and deletion rows in list tables.
wp_recovery_mode_nagDisplays a notice when the user is in recovery mode.
wp_theme_update_rowDisplays update information for a theme.
wp_theme_update_rowsAdds a callback to display update information for themes with updates available.