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Fonts functions.

Funktion Kurzbeschreibung
wp_font_dirReturns an array containing the current fonts upload directory's path and URL.
wp_get_font_dirRetrieves font uploads directory information.
wp_print_font_facesGenerates and prints font-face styles for given fonts or theme.json fonts.
wp_register_font_collectionRegisters a new font collection in the font library.
wp_unregister_font_collectionUnregisters a font collection from the Font Library.
_wp_after_delete_font_familyDeletes child font faces when a font family is deleted.
_wp_before_delete_font_faceDeletes associated font files when a font face is deleted.
_wp_filter_font_directoryA callback function for use in the {@see 'upload_dir'} filter.
_wp_register_default_font_collectionsRegister the default font collections.