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These functions can be replaced via plugins. If plugins do not redefine these functions, then these will be used instead.

Funktion Kurzbeschreibung
auth_redirectChecks if a user is logged in, if not it redirects them to the login page.
cache_usersRetrieves info for user lists to prevent multiple queries by get_userdata().
check_admin_refererEnsures intent by verifying that a user was referred from another admin page with the correct security nonce.
check_ajax_refererVerifies the Ajax request to prevent processing requests external of the blog.
get_avatarRetrieves the avatar `<img>` tag for a user, email address, MD5 hash, comment, or post.
get_userdataRetrieves user info by user ID.
get_user_byRetrieves user info by a given field.
is_user_logged_inDetermines whether the current visitor is a logged in user.
wp_authenticateAuthenticates a user, confirming the login credentials are valid.
wp_check_passwordChecks the plaintext password against the encrypted Password.
wp_clear_auth_cookieRemoves all of the cookies associated with authentication.
wp_create_nonceCreates a cryptographic token tied to a specific action, user, user session, and window of time.
wp_generate_auth_cookieGenerates authentication cookie contents.
wp_generate_passwordGenerates a random password drawn from the defined set of characters.
wp_get_current_userRetrieves the current user object.
wp_hashGets hash of given string.
wp_hash_passwordCreates a hash (encrypt) of a plain text password.
wp_logoutLogs the current user out.
wp_mailSends an email, similar to PHP's mail function.
wp_new_user_notificationEmails login credentials to a newly-registered user.
wp_nonce_tickReturns the time-dependent variable for nonce creation.
wp_notify_moderatorNotifies the moderator of the site about a new comment that is awaiting approval.
wp_notify_postauthorNotifies an author (and/or others) of a comment/trackback/pingback on a post.
wp_parse_auth_cookieParses a cookie into its components.
wp_password_change_notificationNotifies the blog admin of a user changing password, normally via email.
wp_randGenerates a random non-negative number.
wp_redirectRedirects to another page.
wp_safe_redirectPerforms a safe (local) redirect, using wp_redirect().
wp_saltReturns a salt to add to hashes.
wp_sanitize_redirectSanitizes a URL for use in a redirect.
wp_set_auth_cookieSets the authentication cookies based on user ID.
wp_set_current_userChanges the current user by ID or name.
wp_set_passwordUpdates the user's password with a new encrypted one.
wp_text_diffDisplays a human readable HTML representation of the difference between two strings.
wp_validate_auth_cookieValidates authentication cookie.
wp_validate_redirectValidates a URL for use in a redirect.
wp_verify_nonceVerifies that a correct security nonce was used with time limit.