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signup_get_available_languages ›

signup_get_available_languages ( Keine Parameter )
Gibt zurück:
  • (array) List of available languages.
Definiert in:

Retrieves languages available during the site/user signup process.


function signup_get_available_languages() {
	 * Filters the list of available languages for front-end site signups.
	 * Passing an empty array to this hook will disable output of the setting on the
	 * signup form, and the default language will be used when creating the site.
	 * Languages not already installed will be stripped.
	 * @since 4.4.0
	 * @param array $available_languages Available languages.
	$languages = (array) apply_filters( 'signup_get_available_languages', get_available_languages() );

	 * Strip any non-installed languages and return.
	 * Re-call get_available_languages() here in case a language pack was installed
	 * in a callback hooked to the 'signup_get_available_languages' filter before this point.
	return array_intersect_assoc( $languages, get_available_languages() );