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submit_button ( $text = '', $type = 'primary', $name = 'submit', $wrap = true, $other_attributes = '' )
Parameter: (5)
  • (string) $text Optional. The text of the button. Defaults to 'Save Changes'.
    Erforderlich: Nein
    Standard: (leer)
  • (string) $type Optional. The type and CSS class(es) of the button. Core values include 'primary', 'small', and 'large'. Default 'primary'.
    Erforderlich: Nein
    Standard: 'primary'
  • (string) $name Optional. The HTML name of the submit button. If no `id` attribute is given in the `$other_attributes` parameter, `$name` will be used as the button's `id`. Default 'submit'.
    Erforderlich: Nein
    Standard: 'submit'
  • (bool) $wrap Optional. True if the output button should be wrapped in a paragraph tag, false otherwise. Default true.
    Erforderlich: Nein
    Standard: true
  • (array|string) $other_attributes Optional. Other attributes that should be output with the button, mapping attributes to their values, e.g. `array( 'id' => 'search-submit' )`. These key/value attribute pairs will be output as `attribute="value"`, where attribute is the key. Attributes can also be provided as a string, e.g. `id="search-submit"`, though the array format is generally preferred. Default empty string.
    Erforderlich: Nein
    Standard: (leer)
Definiert in:

Echoes a submit button, with provided text and appropriate class(es).


function submit_button( $text = '', $type = 'primary', $name = 'submit', $wrap = true, $other_attributes = '' ) {
	echo get_submit_button( $text, $type, $name, $wrap, $other_attributes );