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Misc WordPress Administration API.

Funktion Kurzbeschreibung
admin_color_scheme_pickerDisplays the default admin color scheme picker (Used in user-edit.php).
extract_from_markersExtracts strings from between the BEGIN and END markers in the .htaccess file.
got_mod_rewriteReturns whether the server is running Apache with the mod_rewrite module loaded.
got_url_rewriteReturns whether the server supports URL rewriting.
heartbeat_autosavePerforms autosave with heartbeat.
iis7_add_rewrite_ruleAdds WordPress rewrite rule to the IIS 7+ configuration file.
iis7_delete_rewrite_ruleDeletes WordPress rewrite rule from web.config file if it exists there.
iis7_rewrite_rule_existsChecks if rewrite rule for WordPress already exists in the IIS 7+ configuration file.
iis7_save_url_rewrite_rulesUpdates the IIS web.config file with the current rules if it is writable.
insert_with_markersInserts an array of strings into a file (.htaccess), placing it between BEGIN and END markers.
savedomdocumentSaves the XML document into a file.
save_mod_rewrite_rulesUpdates the htaccess file with the current rules if it is writable.
set_screen_optionsSaves option for number of rows when listing posts, pages, comments, etc.
show_messageDisplays the given administration message.
update_home_siteurlFlushes rewrite rules if `siteurl`, `home` or `page_on_front` changed.
update_option_new_admin_emailSends a confirmation request email when a change of site admin email address is attempted.
update_recently_editedUpdates the "recently-edited" file for the plugin or theme file editor.
wp_admin_canonical_urlRemoves single-use URL parameters and create canonical link based on new URL.
wp_admin_headersSends a referrer policy header so referrers are not sent externally from administration screens.
wp_admin_viewport_metaDisplays the viewport meta in the admin.
wp_check_locked_postsChecks lock status for posts displayed on the Posts screen.
wp_check_php_versionChecks if the user needs to update PHP.
wp_heartbeat_set_suspensionDisables suspension of Heartbeat on the Add/Edit Post screens.
wp_make_plugin_file_treeMakes a tree structure for the plugin file editor's file list.
wp_make_theme_file_treeMakes a tree structure for the theme file editor's file list.
wp_page_reload_on_back_button_jsOutputs JS that reloads the page if the user navigated to it with the Back or Forward button.
wp_print_plugin_file_treeOutputs the formatted file list for the plugin file editor.
wp_print_theme_file_treeOutputs the formatted file list for the theme file editor.
wp_refresh_heartbeat_noncesAdds the latest Heartbeat and REST API nonce to the Heartbeat response.
wp_refresh_metabox_loader_noncesRefresh nonces used with meta boxes in the block editor.
wp_refresh_post_lockChecks lock status on the New/Edit Post screen and refresh the lock.
wp_refresh_post_noncesChecks nonce expiration on the New/Edit Post screen and refresh if needed.
wp_reset_varsResets global variables based on `$_GET` and `$_POST`.
_customizer_mobile_viewport_metaAdds viewport meta for mobile in Customizer.
_wp_privacy_settings_filter_draft_page_titlesAppends '(Draft)' to draft page titles in the privacy page dropdown so that unpublished content is obvious.