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WordPress Feed API

Funktion Kurzbeschreibung
atom_enclosureDisplay the atom enclosure for the current post.
atom_site_iconDisplays Site Icon in atom feeds.
bloginfo_rssDisplay RSS container for the bloginfo function.
comments_link_feedOutputs the link to the comments for the current post in an xml safe way
comment_author_rssDisplay the current comment author in the feed.
comment_guidDisplay the feed GUID for the current comment.
comment_linkDisplay the link to the comments.
comment_text_rssDisplay the current comment content for use in the feeds.
feed_content_typeReturn the content type for specified feed type.
fetch_feedBuild SimplePie object based on RSS or Atom feed from URL.
get_bloginfo_rssRSS container for the bloginfo function.
get_comment_author_rssRetrieve the current comment author for use in the feeds.
get_comment_guidRetrieve the feed GUID for the current comment.
get_default_feedRetrieve the default feed.
get_the_category_rssRetrieve all of the post categories, formatted for use in feeds.
get_the_content_feedRetrieve the post content for feeds.
get_the_title_rssRetrieve the current post title for the feed.
get_wp_title_rssRetrieve the blog title for the feed title.
html_type_rssDisplay the HTML type based on the blog setting.
prep_atom_text_constructDetermine the type of a string of data with the data formatted.
rss2_site_iconDisplays Site Icon in RSS2.
rss_enclosureDisplay the rss enclosure for the current post.
self_linkDisplay the link for the currently displayed feed in a XSS safe way.
the_category_rssDisplay the post categories in the feed.
the_content_feedDisplay the post content for feeds.
the_excerpt_rssDisplay the post excerpt for the feed.
the_permalink_rssDisplay the permalink to the post for use in feeds.
the_title_rssDisplay the post title in the feed.
wp_title_rssDisplay the blog title for display of the feed title.