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Deprecated functions from WordPress MU and the multisite feature. You shouldn't use these functions and look for the alternatives instead. The functions will be removed in a later version.

Funktion Kurzbeschreibung
clear_global_post_cacheDeprecated functionality to clear the global post cache.
create_empty_blogCreate an empty blog.
generate_random_passwordGenerates a random password.
get_admin_users_for_domainGet the admin for a domain/path combination.
get_blogaddress_by_domainGet a full site URL, given a domain and a path.
get_blog_listDeprecated functionality to retrieve a list of all sites.
get_dashboard_blogGet the "dashboard blog", the blog where users without a blog edit their profile data.
get_most_active_blogsDeprecated functionality to retrieve a list of the most active sites.
get_user_detailsDeprecated functionality to retrieve user information.
get_user_id_from_stringGet a numeric user ID from either an email address or a login.
global_termsMaintains a canonical list of terms by syncing terms created for each blog with the global terms table.
graceful_failDeprecated functionality to gracefully fail.
insert_blogStore basic site info in the blogs table.
install_blogInstall an empty blog.
install_blog_defaultsSet blog defaults.
is_main_blogDeprecated functionality to determine if the current site is the main site.
is_site_adminDetermine if user is a site admin.
is_user_option_localCheck whether a usermeta key has to do with the current blog.
update_user_statusUpdate the status of a user in the database.
validate_emailDeprecated functionality to validate an email address.
wpmu_admin_do_redirectRedirect a user based on $_GET or $_POST arguments.
wpmu_admin_redirect_add_updated_paramAdds an 'updated=true' argument to a URL.
wp_get_sitesReturn an array of sites for a network or networks.