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WordPress scripts and styles default loader.

Funktion Kurzbeschreibung
enqueue_block_styles_assetsFunction responsible for enqueuing the styles required for block styles functionality on the editor and on the frontend.
enqueue_editor_block_styles_assetsFunction responsible for enqueuing the assets required for block styles functionality on the editor.
print_admin_stylesPrints the styles queue in the HTML head on admin pages.
print_footer_scriptsPrints the scripts that were queued for the footer or too late for the HTML head.
print_head_scriptsPrints the script queue in the HTML head on admin pages.
print_late_stylesPrints the styles that were queued too late for the HTML head.
script_concat_settingsDetermine the concatenation and compression settings for scripts and styles.
wp_common_block_scripts_and_stylesHandles the enqueueing of block scripts and styles that are common to both the editor and the front-end.
wp_default_packagesRegisters all the WordPress packages scripts.
wp_default_packages_inline_scriptsAdds inline scripts required for the WordPress JavaScript packages.
wp_default_packages_scriptsRegisters all the WordPress packages scripts that are in the standardized `js/dist/` location.
wp_default_packages_vendorRegisters all the WordPress vendor scripts that are in the standardized `js/dist/vendor/` location.
wp_default_scriptsRegister all WordPress scripts.
wp_default_stylesAssign default styles to $styles object.
wp_enqueue_editor_block_directory_assetsEnqueues the assets required for the block directory within the block editor.
wp_enqueue_registered_block_scripts_and_stylesEnqueues registered block scripts and styles, depending on current rendered context (only enqueuing editor scripts while in context of the editor).
wp_enqueue_scriptsWrapper for do_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts' ).
wp_get_script_polyfillReturns contents of an inline script used in appending polyfill scripts for browsers which fail the provided tests. The provided array is a mapping from a condition to verify feature support to its polyfill script handle.
wp_just_in_time_script_localizationLoad localized data on print rather than initialization.
wp_localize_community_eventsLocalizes community events data that needs to be passed to dashboard.js.
wp_localize_jquery_ui_datepickerLocalizes the jQuery UI datepicker.
wp_print_footer_scriptsHooks to print the scripts and styles in the footer.
wp_print_head_scriptsPrints the script queue in the HTML head on the front end.
wp_prototype_before_jqueryReorder JavaScript scripts array to place prototype before jQuery.
wp_register_tinymce_scriptsRegisters TinyMCE scripts.
wp_scripts_get_suffixReturns the suffix that can be used for the scripts.
wp_should_load_block_editor_scripts_and_stylesChecks if the editor scripts and styles for all registered block types should be enqueued on the current screen.
wp_style_loader_srcAdministration Screen CSS for changing the styles.
wp_tinymce_inline_scriptsAdds inline scripts required for the TinyMCE in the block editor.
_wp_footer_scriptsPrivate, for use in *_footer_scripts hooks