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links_add_target › WordPress Function

links_add_target ( $content, $target = '_blank', $tags = array('a') )
Parameter: (3)
  • (string) $content String to search for links in.
    Erforderlich: Ja
  • (string) $target The Target to add to the links.
    Erforderlich: Nein
    Standard: '_blank'
  • (string[]) $tags An array of tags to apply to.
    Erforderlich: Nein
    Standard: array('a')
Gibt zurück:
  • (string) The processed content.
Definiert in:

Adds a Target attribute to all links in passed content.

This function by default only applies to <a> tags, however this can be modified by the 3rd param. NOTE: Any current target attributed will be stripped and replaced.


function links_add_target( $content, $target = '_blank', $tags = array( 'a' ) ) {
	global $_links_add_target;
	$_links_add_target = $target;
	$tags              = implode( '|', (array) $tags );
	return preg_replace_callback( "!<($tags)((\s[^>]*)?)>!i", '_links_add_target', $content );