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wp_handle_sideload ( $file, $overrides = false, $time = null )
Parameter: (3)
  • (array) $file Reference to a single element of `$_FILES`. Call the function once for each uploaded file.
    Erforderlich: Ja
  • (array|false) $overrides Optional. An associative array of names => values to override default variables. Default false.
    Erforderlich: Nein
    Standard: false
  • (string) $time Optional. Time formatted in 'yyyy/mm'. Default null.
    Erforderlich: Nein
    Standard: null
Gibt zurück:
  • (array) On success, returns an associative array of file attributes. On failure, returns `$overrides['upload_error_handler']( &$file, $message )` or `array( 'error' => $message )`.
Definiert in:

Wrapper for _wp_handle_upload().

Passes the {@see 'wp_handle_sideload'} action.


function wp_handle_sideload( &$file, $overrides = false, $time = null ) {
	 *  $_POST['action'] must be set and its value must equal $overrides['action']
	 *  or this:
	$action = 'wp_handle_sideload';
	if ( isset( $overrides['action'] ) ) {
		$action = $overrides['action'];

	return _wp_handle_upload( $file, $overrides, $time, $action );