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Main WordPress API

Funktion Kurzbeschreibung
absintConverts a value to non-negative integer.
add_magic_quotesWalks the array while sanitizing the contents.
add_query_argRetrieves a modified URL query string.
apache_mod_loadedDetermines whether the specified module exist in the Apache config.
bool_from_ynDetermines whether input is yes or no.
build_queryBuilds URL query based on an associative and, or indexed array.
cache_javascript_headersSets the HTTP headers for caching for 10 days with JavaScript content type.
clean_dirsize_cacheCleans directory size cache used by recurse_dirsize().
current_datetimeRetrieves the current time as an object using the site's timezone.
current_timeRetrieves the current time based on specified type.
date_i18nRetrieves the date in localized format, based on a sum of Unix timestamp and timezone offset in seconds.
dead_dbLoads custom DB error or display WordPress DB error.
do_encloseChecks content for video and audio links to add as enclosures.
do_faviconDisplays the favicon.ico file content.
do_feedLoads the feed template from the use of an action hook.
do_feed_atomLoads either Atom comment feed or Atom posts feed.
do_feed_rdfLoads the RDF RSS 0.91 Feed template.
do_feed_rssLoads the RSS 1.0 Feed Template.
do_feed_rss2Loads either the RSS2 comment feed or the RSS2 posts feed.
do_robotsDisplays the default robots.txt file content.
force_ssl_adminDetermines whether to force SSL used for the Administration Screens.
get_allowed_mime_typesRetrieves the list of allowed mime types and file extensions.
get_dirsizeGets the size of a directory.
get_file_dataRetrieves metadata from a file.
get_main_network_idGets the main network ID.
get_main_site_idGets the main site ID.
get_num_queriesRetrieves the number of database queries during the WordPress execution.
get_status_header_descRetrieves the description for the HTTP status.
get_tag_regexReturns RegEx body to liberally match an opening HTML tag.
get_temp_dirDetermines a writable directory for temporary files.
get_weekstartendGets the week start and end from the datetime or date string from MySQL.
human_readable_durationConverts a duration to human readable format.
iis7_supports_permalinksChecks if IIS 7+ supports pretty permalinks.
is_blog_installedDetermines whether WordPress is already installed.
is_lighttpd_before_150Determines whether the server is running an earlier than 1.5.0 version of lighttpd.
is_main_networkDetermines whether a network is the main network of the Multisite installation.
is_main_siteDetermines whether a site is the main site of the current network.
is_new_dayDetermines whether the publish date of the current post in the loop is different from the publish date of the previous post in the loop.
is_php_version_compatibleChecks compatibility with the current PHP version.
is_serializedChecks value to find if it was serialized.
is_serialized_stringChecks whether serialized data is of string type.
is_site_meta_supportedDetermines whether site meta is enabled.
is_utf8_charsetIndicates if a given slug for a character set represents the UTF-8 text encoding. If not provided, examines the current blog's charset.
is_wp_version_compatibleChecks compatibility with the current WordPress version.
maybe_serializeSerializes data, if needed.
maybe_unserializeUnserializes data only if it was serialized.
mbstring_binary_safe_encodingSets the mbstring internal encoding to a binary safe encoding when func_overload is enabled.
mysql2dateConverts given MySQL date string into a different format.
mysql_to_rfc3339Parses and formats a MySQL datetime (Y-m-d H:i:s) for ISO8601 (Y-m-d\TH:i:s).
nocache_headersSets the HTTP headers to prevent caching for the different browsers.
number_format_i18nConverts float number to format based on the locale.
path_is_absoluteTests if a given filesystem path is absolute.
path_joinJoins two filesystem paths together.
recurse_dirsizeGets the size of a directory recursively.
remove_query_argRemoves an item or items from a query string.
reset_mbstring_encodingResets the mbstring internal encoding to a users previously set encoding.
send_frame_options_headerSends a HTTP header to limit rendering of pages to same origin iframes.
send_nosniff_headerSends a HTTP header to disable content type sniffing in browsers which support it.
size_formatConverts a number of bytes to the largest unit the bytes will fit into.
smilies_initConverts smiley code to the icon graphic file equivalent.
status_headerSets HTTP status header.
validate_fileValidates a file name and path against an allowed set of rules.
win_is_writableWorkaround for Windows bug in is_writable() function
wpSets up the WordPress query.
wp_admin_noticeOutputs an admin notice.
wp_allowed_protocolsRetrieves a list of protocols to allow in HTML attributes.
wp_array_slice_assocExtracts a slice of an array, given a list of keys.
wp_auth_checkChecks whether a user is still logged in, for the heartbeat.
wp_auth_check_htmlOutputs the HTML that shows the wp-login dialog when the user is no longer logged in.
wp_auth_check_loadLoads the auth check for monitoring whether the user is still logged in.
wp_cache_get_last_changedGets last changed date for the specified cache group.
wp_cache_set_last_changedSets last changed date for the specified cache group to now.
wp_checkdateTests if the supplied date is valid for the Gregorian calendar.
wp_check_filetypeRetrieves the file type from the file name.
wp_check_filetype_and_extAttempts to determine the real file type of a file.
wp_check_jsonp_callbackChecks that a JSONP callback is a valid JavaScript callback name.
wp_dateRetrieves the date, in localized format.
wp_debug_backtrace_summaryReturns a comma-separated string or array of functions that have been called to get to the current point in code.
wp_delete_fileDeletes a file.
wp_delete_file_from_directoryDeletes a file if its path is within the given directory.
wp_dieKills WordPress execution and displays HTML page with an error message.
wp_direct_php_update_buttonDisplays a button directly linking to a PHP update process.
wp_ext2typeRetrieves the file type based on the extension name.
wp_extract_urlsUses RegEx to extract URLs from arbitrary content.
wp_filesizeWrapper for PHP filesize with filters and casting the result as an integer.
wp_filter_object_listFilters a list of objects, based on a set of key => value arguments.
wp_find_hierarchy_loopFinds hierarchy loops using a callback function that maps object IDs to parent IDs.
wp_find_hierarchy_loop_tortoise_hareUses the "The Tortoise and the Hare" algorithm to detect loops.
wp_fuzzy_number_matchChecks if two numbers are nearly the same.
wp_generate_uuid4Generates a random UUID (version 4).
wp_get_admin_noticeCreates and returns the markup for an admin notice.
wp_get_default_extension_for_mime_typeReturns first matched extension for the mime-type, as mapped from wp_get_mime_types().
wp_get_default_update_https_urlGets the default URL to learn more about updating the site to use HTTPS.
wp_get_default_update_php_urlGets the default URL to learn more about updating the PHP version the site is running on.
wp_get_direct_php_update_urlGets the URL for directly updating the PHP version the site is running on.
wp_get_direct_update_https_urlGets the URL for directly updating the site to use HTTPS.
wp_get_ext_typesRetrieves the list of common file extensions and their types.
wp_get_http_headersRetrieves HTTP Headers from URL.
wp_get_image_mimeReturns the real mime type of an image file.
wp_get_mime_typesRetrieves the list of mime types and file extensions.
wp_get_nocache_headersGets the HTTP header information to prevent caching.
wp_get_original_refererRetrieves original referer that was posted, if it exists.
wp_get_raw_refererRetrieves unvalidated referer from the '_wp_http_referer' URL query variable or the HTTP referer.
wp_get_refererRetrieves referer from '_wp_http_referer' or HTTP referer.
wp_get_update_https_urlGets the URL to learn more about updating the site to use HTTPS.
wp_get_update_php_annotationReturns the default annotation for the web hosting altering the "Update PHP" page URL.
wp_get_update_php_urlGets the URL to learn more about updating the PHP version the site is running on.
wp_get_upload_dirRetrieves uploads directory information.
wp_guess_urlGuesses the URL for the site.
wp_is_numeric_arrayDetermines if the variable is a numeric-indexed array.
wp_is_serving_rest_requestDetermines whether WordPress is currently serving a REST API request.
wp_is_streamTests if a given path is a stream URL
wp_is_uuidValidates that a UUID is valid.
wp_is_writableDetermines if a directory is writable.
wp_json_encodeEncodes a variable into JSON, with some confidence checks.
wp_json_file_decodeReads and decodes a JSON file.
wp_list_filterFilters a list of objects, based on a set of key => value arguments.
wp_list_pluckPlucks a certain field out of each object or array in an array.
wp_list_sortSorts an array of objects or arrays based on one or more orderby arguments.
wp_maybe_decline_dateDetermines if the date should be declined.
wp_maybe_load_widgetsDetermines if Widgets library should be loaded.
wp_mkdir_pRecursive directory creation based on full path.
wp_nonce_aysDisplays "Are You Sure" message to confirm the action being taken.
wp_nonce_fieldRetrieves or display nonce hidden field for forms.
wp_nonce_urlRetrieves URL with nonce added to URL query.
wp_normalize_pathNormalizes a filesystem path.
wp_ob_end_flush_allFlushes all output buffers for PHP 5.2.
wp_original_referer_fieldRetrieves or displays original referer hidden field for forms.
wp_parse_argsMerges user defined arguments into defaults array.
wp_parse_id_listCleans up an array, comma- or space-separated list of IDs.
wp_parse_listConverts a comma- or space-separated list of scalar values to an array.
wp_parse_slug_listCleans up an array, comma- or space-separated list of slugs.
wp_post_preview_jsOutputs a small JS snippet on preview tabs/windows to remove `window.name` when a user is navigating to another page.
wp_privacy_anonymize_dataReturns uniform "anonymous" data by type.
wp_privacy_anonymize_ipReturns an anonymized IPv4 or IPv6 address.
wp_privacy_delete_old_export_filesCleans up export files older than three days old.
wp_privacy_exports_dirReturns the directory used to store personal data export files.
wp_privacy_exports_urlReturns the URL of the directory used to store personal data export files.
wp_raise_memory_limitAttempts to raise the PHP memory limit for memory intensive processes.
wp_recursive_ksortSorts the keys of an array alphabetically.
wp_referer_fieldRetrieves or displays referer hidden field for forms.
wp_remote_fopenHTTP request for URI to retrieve content.
wp_removable_query_argsReturns an array of single-use query variable names that can be removed from a URL.
wp_scheduled_deletePermanently deletes comments or posts of any type that have held a status of 'trash' for the number of days defined in EMPTY_TRASH_DAYS.
wp_schedule_delete_old_privacy_export_filesSchedules a `WP_Cron` job to delete expired export files.
wp_send_jsonSends a JSON response back to an Ajax request.
wp_send_json_errorSends a JSON response back to an Ajax request, indicating failure.
wp_send_json_successSends a JSON response back to an Ajax request, indicating success.
wp_site_admin_email_change_notificationSends an email to the old site admin email address when the site admin email address changes.
wp_suspend_cache_additionTemporarily suspends cache additions.
wp_suspend_cache_invalidationSuspends cache invalidation.
wp_timezoneRetrieves the timezone of the site as a `DateTimeZone` object.
wp_timezone_choiceGives a nicely-formatted list of timezone strings.
wp_timezone_override_offsetModifies gmt_offset for smart timezone handling.
wp_timezone_stringRetrieves the timezone of the site as a string.
wp_trigger_errorGenerates a user-level error/warning/notice/deprecation message.
wp_unique_filenameGets a filename that is sanitized and unique for the given directory.
wp_unique_idGets unique ID.
wp_unique_prefixed_idGenerates an incremental ID that is independent per each different prefix.
wp_update_php_annotationPrints the default annotation for the web host altering the "Update PHP" page URL.
wp_upload_bitsCreates a file in the upload folder with given content.
wp_upload_dirReturns an array containing the current upload directory's path and URL.
wp_validate_booleanFilters/validates a variable as a boolean.
wp_widgets_add_menuAppends the Widgets menu to the themes main menu.
xmlrpc_getpostcategoryRetrieves the post category or categories from XMLRPC XML.
xmlrpc_getposttitleRetrieves post title from XMLRPC XML.
xmlrpc_removepostdataXMLRPC XML content without title and category elements.
_ajax_wp_die_handlerKills WordPress execution and displays Ajax response with an error message.
_canonical_charsetRetrieves a canonical form of the provided charset appropriate for passing to PHP functions such as htmlspecialchars() and charset HTML attributes.
_cleanup_header_commentStrips close comment and close php tags from file headers used by WP.
_config_wp_homeRetrieves the WordPress home page URL.
_config_wp_siteurlRetrieves the WordPress site URL.
_default_wp_die_handlerKills WordPress execution and displays HTML page with an error message.
_delete_option_fresh_siteDeletes the fresh site option.
_deprecated_argumentMarks a function argument as deprecated and inform when it has been used.
_deprecated_classMarks a class as deprecated and informs when it has been used.
_deprecated_constructorMarks a constructor as deprecated and informs when it has been used.
_deprecated_fileMarks a file as deprecated and inform when it has been used.
_deprecated_functionMarks a function as deprecated and inform when it has been used.
_deprecated_hookMarks a deprecated action or filter hook as deprecated and throws a notice.
_device_can_uploadTests if the current device has the capability to upload files.
_doing_it_wrongMarks something as being incorrectly called.
_get_non_cached_idsRetrieves IDs that are not already present in the cache.
_http_build_queryFrom php.net (modified by Mark Jaquith to behave like the native PHP5 function).
_jsonp_wp_die_handlerKills WordPress execution and displays JSONP response with an error message.
_json_wp_die_handlerKills WordPress execution and displays JSON response with an error message.
_mce_set_directionSets the localized direction for MCE plugin.
_scalar_wp_die_handlerKills WordPress execution and displays an error message.
_validate_cache_idChecks whether the given cache ID is either an integer or an integer-like string.
_wp_array_getAccesses an array in depth based on a path of keys.
_wp_array_setSets an array in depth based on a path of keys.
_wp_check_alternate_file_namesHelper function to test if each of an array of file names could conflict with existing files.
_wp_check_existing_file_namesHelper function to check if a file name could match an existing image sub-size file name.
_wp_die_process_inputProcesses arguments passed to wp_die() consistently for its handlers.
_wp_timezone_choice_usort_callbackSort-helper for timezones.
_wp_to_kebab_caseThis function is trying to replicate what lodash's kebabCase (JS library) does in the client.
_wp_upload_dirA non-filtered, non-cached version of wp_upload_dir() that doesn't check the path.
_xmlrpc_wp_die_handlerKills WordPress execution and displays XML response with an error message.
_xml_wp_die_handlerKills WordPress execution and displays XML response with an error message.
__return_empty_arrayReturns an empty array.
__return_empty_stringReturns an empty string.
__return_falseReturns false.
__return_nullReturns null.
__return_trueReturns true.
__return_zeroReturns 0.